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Kiimo is a mobile application that will allow you to become part of a community for fast delivery of any package from any part of the city. At the same time, Kiimo will allow you to earn as a supplier for another member of the community, if you are closest to his package. Install, register and be Kiimster!

About Kiimo

Our shiny app!

KiimoDeliver a package! Help out and make (some) money!

If you’re moving/transiting around today, if you have a new scooter or you’re drivinig your bicycle all day check out who needs a delivery and use the opportunity to make money while you’re driving (around the city).

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KiimoYou need a delivery right away? Save time and money!

Are you buying clothes online and waiting too much for your delivery or you need an important document delivered right away, then register on Kiimo and get help from Kimster users near you.

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Our shiny app!

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How to become a part of Kiimo?

To become a member of the Kiimo community (later on Kimster) you need to install the Kiimo app on your mobile device/phone and follow the instructions for registration.

Are the packages safe?

Assuring about the safety of the packages they are insured from a local insurance company. In case of any damage done to the package or if it gets lost the you will be adequately compensated.

Who should you expect to deliver (the package)?

Kimster can be anyone that is near you at the time of your specified delivery need. Our priority are the highest and most trusted members. He or she will be notified about your request and deliver the package in order to make money.

Who can help you if you need any assistance?

The Kimsters are not alone, our technical support team is available 24/7. If you have any questions about the app, our service or you have some suggestion or remarks/criticism write us a message on our Facebook page right away.



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